Freebird Workshops

FreeBird Workshops is a grassroots community writing workshop that caters to the needs and schedules of our writers at affordable rates. Workshops are perfect for fiction writers, poets, playwrights, or memoirists who want to share and develop work with others in an intimate setting. All workshops consist of 6 writers and one instructor (a local and published author) and meet once a week for 8 sessions. Priced at $230, the fee includes guided verbal and written direction from instructor and peers, one copy-edit session on your final draft, and recommendations of where to publish your work.

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"FreeBird Workshops provided a safe place to trade ideas on craft, to discuss the elements of story telling, and to weekly read engaging work written by fellow writers. The sense of community and camaraderie shared lent a delightfully personal touch  and, weekly, inspired me to write and read with vigor. All in all, it was a great experience.  Rachel is as astute a reader as she is empathetic and concerned with the workshoper’s improvement."  -Jason Collins

"This was a positive workshop environment that was very well structured and supportive - intelligent and engaging. Rachel was very positive and helpful. She knows her craft and it showed, whether it be for short fiction, novel, or screenplay. She was well versed in all the different genres and approachable, affordable, and constructive. This workshop made me write, which I hadn’t done in 5 years!"  -Monica McMahon

"I’ve used a group forum to workshop in the past, but never so small a group. As opposed to classes in college with 15 people, I got to know everyone here on a personal level. This is the best writing workshop I’ve had to date and Rachel’s feedback has helped me tremendously. I finally feel like I’m getting my novel off the ground!"  - Lauren DiGiacomo 

"Rachel leads the workshop with authority, knowledge and confidence, but most of all she is kind. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is serious about writing."  -Kelly Clayton

"I recommend FreeBird Workshops to any writer teetering on the edge of discovery. Throughout the past 8 weeks, I’ve been challenged to find, revise, and explore my voice. Rachel is an incredibly gifted guide who brings out the best in all of our work and leads each participant to look critically at not just the written word, but also the wider world around us."  -Marisa Catalina Casey

Writopia Lab

At Writopia Lab's workshops at Freebird, writers enjoy individual attention, fun writing games, loungy chairs and laptops, and, best of all, completing a wonderful original story with the help of a published author! Workshops have a maximum of six participants. Sessions are peppered with original and fun writing exercises, but focus primarily on writing—and completing—stories.

Each time we meet, students bring copies of the newest drafts of their work to share with the group. They quietly review each other’s work—marking the parts or lines they enjoy most along with the sections that they think can be improved—and then share these ideas with the group.

Within a few sessions, students comfortably and easily provide insightful feedback to their peers. All workshop leaders are published writers who are experts in helping young writers understand and implement elements of plot and key literary tools.

Freebird Writing Workshop

By Rachel Ephraim

The FreeBird Writing Workshop began when I first started to get serious about my own writing and needed the constant attention and direction needed for publication, but couldn’t afford to pay the fees of local workshops on my non-profit salary. So I started asking around…It turned out that many of my writer friends also had a need for this environment and embraced the idea of meeting once a week to be focused and literary. With the support of FreeBird Books and Goods owner, Peter Miller, who so generously allowed us to meet in the bookstore during off-hours, the workshop began to take shape:

We read plays. We got to the meaning of poems. We wrote and revised. And then suddenly, one of my stories got published!

It is my hope to encourage writers who can’t seem to find the time to write; to guide anyone who doesn’t know how to finish what they’ve started; to ensure that our group is full of productive, proactive writers. There are thousands of writers recognized for their skills, why shouldn’t you be one of them?